Creating custom protocols in Objective C

Protocol in Objective C is a language feature that enables different classes to communicate to each other in anonymous, but structured fashion. Protocols are similar to interfaces in Java and Delphi, and can serve a similar purpose as multiple inheritance in C++. Protocols provide delegates and datasources: Delegates control the behaviour of other object, or [...]

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Populating TableView asynchronously with data from the web and showing activity indicators

When fetching data from the web it is very important not to block the main thread: The data connection may be unavailable. The operation may take too long. If the UI is blocked for too long Apple will probably reject the  application. Setting on the networkActivityIndicatorVisible property of the application singleton is a must whenever [...]

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I will never use Delphi for iOS development

I love Delphi. I’ve been using it for over 15 years to develop Windows native applications. It is the best tool on the market to do just that, and nothing else. I did some web service development with RemObjects SDK, and even tried IntraWeb (would not recommend it to anyone), but I would not do it [...]

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Delphi (VCL) components portability between PCs

About the question on StackOverflow :
How to migrate Delphi or clone Delphi registry settings?

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No Java on my PC A few years back I was looking for a rich SVN client as an addition to great TortoiseSVN explorer extension. I found two : Syncro SVN and SmartSVN. I downloaded both and soon realized that they are both Java applications. They were way slower than TortoiseSVN. I stuck with Tortoise. I [...]

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Random names generator – Randy

I have just published a little tool I did recently for generating random names and phone numbers.

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Choosing the Asterisk GUI, or not

There are eight reasons why I don’t use any of the Asterisk GUI distros. They are : choosing, upgrading, extending, installation, compatibility, support, experience and the security.

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SAM Contacts: A Powerful Windows Contact Manager Released and Retired

Retired I have SAM Contacts as a shareware application some time ago. Now it is retired and freeware. There will be no updates in foreseeable future. It’s a freeware application. After installation just post a comment with email address, and I’ll send you a serial number. It’s a simple and easy to use contact manager application with [...]

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Connecting Asterisk to Skype

I’ve been using Asterisk for years and never really wanted to use Skype, but since many of my friends do, I decided to have a go. It was quite unthinkable to use Skype separately from Asterisk, I mean I have all of my communication unified through Asterisk box, and now this thing called Skype had [...]

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Turning your home into a home-theatre

So you gathered a lot of movies and music on your hard drives and want to “consume” them from something more convenient than monitor screen and desktop speakers, (or God forbid, laptop ones). Your new plasma/LCD TV and 5.1/7.1 sound system are just waiting for all that digital content to flow their way. Burning CDs [...]

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